January 18, 2019
Over time, Net-Tell LLC has made its mark as a leader in the business of lower-cost home telephone service. In fact, in the area of technologically superior phone service that routes over the Internet, they are seen as pioneers, of sorts. This technology is known as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, and it has changed the game for everyone. That is because, instead of using expensive hard-wired technology to route calls, Net-Tell LLC phone service routes calls routed over the Internet, using their existing broadband connection.

In addition to free calling within the US and Canada and lower rates for international calls, Net-Tell LLC offers many free extras that many traditional telephone utilities either don’t have available or charge a fee to receive. Of course, Net-Tell LLC customers never notice a difference when they switch; everything about their home phone experience is exactly the same; they use the same phone, and dial numbers the way you always have, and the person on the other end answers the call. No one on either end of the call, sees a difference. That means Net-Tell LLC offers home phone service that is at least as good as the phone company’s, if not better, but they can do so at a significant cost savings.
July 18, 2018
The most amazing thing customers discover when they switch to Net-Tell LLC is that they use the same landline phone they have always used and dial numbers the same as they always have. However, because the phone is connected to your broadband router instead of an expensive series of copper wires, which need to be built out and maintained constantly, all over the region, the country and the world, Net-Tell LLC saves money and passes their good fortune on to their customers.

Much of the real value of every Net-Tell LLC home phone calling package comes with the large number of extra features they include with the basic home phone package. There are dozens of sophisticated features, many of which are not even available from the local phone company. Those which are available often come with extra charges for each. Those include three-way calling, conference calling, anonymous call blocking, Caller ID, and much more. Their voicemail service is also state-of-the-art and the envy of many other phone service providers. The reviews of Net-Tell LLC are very flattering; most customers call Net-Tell LLC the best phone service they ever had, even with the low price.